What we propose

Well, very simply, we want the labels to be the main collaborators of LVR Radio. We want to provide a main and prominent space within our programming and from our website and we want to do it without asking for anything in return, because we know the effort it is to carry a label.

What we offer

- We want labels and artists to have periodic spaces within the programming of our station. That they can explain their project, their albums and artists in small audio clips, and take the opportunity to put their songs.

- Priority when presenting the news and highlighting them during the week, both in the broadcast and on the web.

- Presence on the website of the station, with logo and link to the website or Bandcamp, etc.

- They will also have the code to embed a player in web and blogs.

- Communication of news through our social networks and in all the channels that we have.


Hidden Track Records Play

xenonyms Play

Sintetics Records Play

Sevendipia Records Play

Aiguamoll records Play

Beautiful Accident Play

Tecnonucleo Play

Three Arms Play

Ballistic Records Play

Edita la servidumbre Play

Ladeli editions Play

Synth Vicious Play

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